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Traditional Web Development

Traditional Web development methodologies are often sequential, involving a series of steps or phases.  In software development, traditional Web development was a direct reaction to the “code and fix” approach that was very popular in the 1960s, wherein programmers and developers spend time to first code the program and then debug it. It was a difficult and time consuming approach to software development.

One of the more popular traditional Web development methodologies is the waterfall approach.  This approach involves a structured progression from one phase to the next.  The waterfall approach begins with the system’s operational requirements or what the software, application or Web site would do, as well as the environment it would use to run.  After the requirements are laid out, programmers and developers would then plan out how the software or the application will be designed.

Up next is when the programmers and Web developers would write the actual code for the software or application, the user interface and reports also crop up in this stage.  It will then go to the next phase, the testing stage.  In the testing stage, all defects and kinks are ironed out, user feedback is solicited, and scripts are tested.  Everything is taken into consideration.

The final stage is focused on implementation.  In this stage, the final product is deployed and training and documentation are undertaken.

Another traditional Web development methodology is the Unified Process which organizes all work flows and is implemented in increments.  The projects go through four stages: inception, elaboration, construction and transition.  These stages very much follow the stages in the waterfall methodology.

In this methodology, the inception and elaboration are considered the planning stages.  In the construction stage, the development team is expected to produce a beta-release of the software or application.  This release, although incomplete, should be sufficient enough to allow for testing the product under realistic conditions.

After the tests are carried out, the software or Web application is then introduced to the users, this is called the transition stage.

The last of the widely used traditional methodologies is the spiral model, which has four main stages: objective-setting, risk management, development and validation, and planning.  An offshoot and a result of refining the waterfall model, the spiral model is often used in large projects.

Generally, traditional Web development strategies aim to make the development process more predictable and manageable, and more efficient.  It has over the years failed, and has been criticized as being bureaucratic, with its various and numerous processes and documentations slowing down the whole development process.  These methodologies often take a long time in planning out a large part of the development process. Also, these plans are often in painstakingly great detail and cover a long span of time.  Another aspect that slows the development process is the amount of documentation required for each stage.  To say that the amount of paperwork, approvals and what-nots are overwhelming is an understatement.

Moreover, traditional Web development methodologies tend to be process oriented, with each process broken down into tasks assigned to each member of the team.  Each task has a well defined system and procedure to follow.  It also puts more emphasis on the tools used rather than skills needed for the project at each stage.

Because of this, traditional Web development methodologies are often resistant to change.   This inflexibility becomes a problem because at one point in time, requirements for the program will change, whether voluntarily (like when a customer changes his or her mind about what he or she wants) or involuntarily (like when there are critical parameters unforeseen in the planning stage).  The bureaucratic nature of these methodologies, coupled with the emphasis on strict procedures and copious amount of documentation, also paves the way to longer development time and higher costs in completing the project.  Further, due to the fact that customer feedback is only solicited at the end stages of the development, the software or Web application often does not address every need of the user, or may have features that are not usable for him or her.

In short, traditional Web development just does not deliver when it comes to creating applications for the Web.  Limitations — like its inflexibility and rigidness, longer development time, costliness, as well as not being able to deliver software with full or optimized functionality — make it inherently unsuitable in a highly competitive and constantly dynamic area like Web development.

Agile Development

Agile development, by definition, is a methodology in software and Web development that cycles through the different stages of development from conceptualizing and gathering requirements to delivering a functional product.  Agile development is one where the customers, business owners or experts work hand in hand with software and Web developers in creating a software or Web application, and entails a lot of collaboration, face-to-face meetings, communication, and documentation.

To provide a better explanation, it is necessary to compare and contrast agile development strategies with the more traditional methodologies, wherein software and Web developers get the requirements from their customers then work out the plans themselves.  In this case, a large part of the software is planned out in detail, and usually for a long span of time.  Everything has a timetable and each process is dependent on the previous, or largely relies on the earlier stages.

Traditional methods tend to be stringent and rigid, often lending itself to disastrous outcomes when the client changes his or her mind, or circumstances change the requirements for the software or Web application.  Unforeseen problems and conditions can also cause the required functionalities to change.  These changes disrupt the generally the more longe- term plans and the time table of the project, and are often unwelcome.

In contrast, agile development cuts up the development process into short stages or phases of development, with each stage having its own planning, requirement analysis, designing and coding, documentation and testing sub-stages.  It also gives importance to clear goal setting, communication and planning.

These guarantee that, first and foremost, requirements are clearly laid out from the start and at every stage.  The involvement of the customer or the business owner in the project allows him or her to communicate his or her plans and the required functionality of the software or Web application being developed.  This gives rise to a better brainstorming session, where ideas are offered, taken and threshed out, before anything further is done.

Changes do not drastically affect the time line and plans for the whole or major part of the software or Web application, only the stage where it is introduced.  This setup allows the team to fine- tune and adjust the succeeding stages accordingly.  Indeed, adaptability is the key strength of agile development.

And because customer input is given at every stage, further adaptability is exercised, as these inputs are taken into consideration, added to the product at that point or worked into plans for the succeeding stages.  In turn, the final product fits the requirements better and is easier for the customer to learn and use than a final product introduced at the end of the development process. The latter is typical with traditional methods.

What’s more, precisely because agile development works in stages, changes to the requirements cause little or no disruptions to the timeline of the whole project.  And because stages are often short in duration, and the work flow goes relatively smooth, software and Web development take a considerably shorter time and incurs less cost than the traditional methodology.

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    Furthermore, agile development tends to focus on the people involved, with the processes playing second fiddle.  Successful agile development strategies emphasize team work, constant communication, and inspections.  Daily meetings involving the developers and representatives of the customer or client are regular parts of agile development projects, wherein team members report to one another their progress.

    Lastly, agile development allows for incremental releases of working and functional products throughout its various stages.  Updates, enhancements, additions can be added to a working product as soon as they become available.  For example, the project is a simple shopping cart system for a retailer.  The team could come out with a functional form that would take note of a buyer’s personal information and credit card information and other details of the order.  Automation and notifications can be added at stage two or three, while systems for after-sales communication like a reminder or update can be added at still later stages.  This way, the customer can implement his or her e-Commerce program earlier than expected.

    The world of information technology and the Internet is one of dynamic and constant change.  To survive, one has to adapt and be flexible to these changes.  Software and Web development are no exceptions.  Indeed, in its highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, the key to keeping customers happy is not the tried and tested, but the flexible strategies that cut costs, save time and increase ROI.

    .NET Web Development

    Probably the most significant happening in Web development after e-commerce (which made taking customers’ orders and information easy and fast), is the entry of software giant Microsoft Corp. into the already widening arena of Web and software development.  In 2000, after only three years of secret and silent development, Microsoft released alpha and beta versions of its .NET framework, leading to a 2005 launch of its version 1.0.  Microsoft launched its latest upgrade, version 3.5, in November 2007.

    Microsoft developed the .NET framework to enable Web pages to render applications and services that were previously possible when done only on one’s desktop after downloading and installing the necessary software.  The .NET framework offered a range of programming support that makes it possible to do, for instance, word processing tasks on the Web, with quality that rivals that of a Microsoft Word output.  Or spreadsheet tasks that is as simple to do and presentable as work done on Microsoft Excel.

    The .NET platform suite of services also includes building-block services (i.e. data and information storage), device software, and servers.

    With the launch of the .NET framework, millions of Internet users around the globe have experienced greater interactivity, synergy, and convenience, making online computing and even team work easier to manage.  Now not only are they doing desktop tasks online, they are able to synchronize data in real time as well.

    Although limited — the most major setback of the .NET framework is that it would only work fully on products designed and programs written that are specifically compatible with it — the .NET framework has caused a shift in the way programmers, Web developers and ordinary users see both offline and online computing.  The .NET Web development, for one, has increased both the functionality and the interactivity on Web sites, while making it possible to access database data in a fast and secure way.    This interactivity and functionality affect a wide range of Web development aspects, from e-commerce, to site functions.  Now everything a user ever wanted to do on the Web is possible.

    Web programmers, on the other hand, have benefited from the .NET framework by making it possible to create reusable programs and modules leading to increased productivity and less errors.  Many programmers and developers are also benefitted by the .NET framework’s rich and varied library of pre-coded and pioneering solutions that address and solve some of the most common programming problems.  In this aspect, Microsoft not only provided a secure and dynamic environment in which to run software, applications and programs, it also provided programmers with an invaluable set of tools.  This allows for a faster development process and increased productivity.

    A component of the .NET framework, ASP.NET, specifically benefits Web developers by enabling them to create any Web site: from personal Web pages to complex corporate Web sites.  The result is an outstandingly fast, highly interactive and more personalized Web experience for the Web site browser.

    The .NET framework interoperability strength lies in the fact that it supports various static and dynamic programming languages from C++, to Visual Basic, to JavaScript, to C#.  Other developers have come up with support for other platforms and programming languages like Java and Perl.  This has paved the way for the wide adoption of the .NET framework.  Its wide adoption and acceptance in turn allowed it to build on and add to its library of pre-coded programs as used by programmers all over the world.

    Further, the .NET framework ensures increased security, better memory management and error handling.  Not only are software, programs and applications faster and easier to develop, they are also easy, safe and hassle-free to use.

    Lastly, the .NET framework’s Web services allow for the easy creation of objects using other applications, connected computers, and even among different operating systems.  The increased level of integration this brings about ensures that Web and software developers can easily write applications that are both useful and necessary to the end product users.

    The success of Microsoft’s .NET framework, in terms of initial adoption, widespread deployment and even more widespread acceptance among programmers and developers, is very much established and can not be contested.    Perhaps the most telling of the success and popularity of the .NET framework, at least in the area of Web development, is that the fact that another giant, Google, Inc., has followed suit.  Google has recently come out with Chrome as a platform to run its own suite of online applications, in an obvious jab at Microsoft’s .NET success.

    Why Choose Us?

    Choosing a Web design company is as important as choosing your business partner, because ultimately, that is what we are. From initial design to final approval and deployment, we ensure total client satisfaction by bringing together our best people to work on YOUR team. As a result, you get professional service from a communicative and competent team, at half the cost that other companies require.

    Sure there are a lot of Web design and Web development companies in the Los Angeles area. But here are the reasons why you should not even bother with our competitors!

    Criteria OUR COMPANY Competitor A Competitor B
    Pricing Competitive and flexible High prices on both customized pricing and packaged pricing. High prices. Customized pricing not available.

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  • Experience
    Our teams all have at least five years of experience in their areas. We have worked with companies of different scales from different industries. We do not know. We haven’t seen their team’s resumes. They also do not publish a portfolio. Some programmers on staff are fresh graduates and have little professional experience. Portfolio involves mostly small time retailers.
    Staff Full-time employees, augmented by carefully screened freelance programmers and designers. Freelancers Freelancers and part-time employees
    After-Sales Service Technical support is available via E-mail. Our contact center is open 24 hours fielding both sales calls and technical support calls. Only has E-mail support. Only has E-mail support.

    We are not bragging. We have a long list of clients who can vouch for us, and they are all available for you to call and ask about our service. We have a long list of people who gave us their testimonials. Our reputation speaks for us.

    Why choose us? Because you’re smart, and you do not want the headache of working with incompetent, expensive and inflexible design companies that evaporate into thin air after you have sent them their check!

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    Why choose us? Because we treat you as you should be treated: as business partners!

    Top Questions to Ask when Looking for a Web Development Company

    If you are running a website, there is a good chance that you are also going to be working alongside a web development company. It saves you the headache, and all you need to do is to rely on their expertise and pay for their services.

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  • However, with so many web development companies out there, not all may be capable to do the job right. So you will be able to separate the good and the bad, here are some questions that can be used as your guide:

    Do they have marketing experience?

    The web developer is not building your website just for the heck of it. Of course, he or she creates the web pages because there is something to market. Thus, unless the developer understands even the basics of marketing online, you have not found the right web development company.

    How does their website look like?

    Normally, you will be advised by your peers, colleagues, and even by experts to always ask for a portfolio of their previous projects. This way, you can judge for yourself if they are capable of doing yours. However, what they fail to tell you is that you can actually make your initial impression on the capacity of the web development company by simply looking at their website. How do they market themselves? How do they attract Internet users like you into their website? Most likely, how they treat business is how they would treat yours.

    Will you own the codes of your website?

    Now, this is a very important concern that should be addressed by the web development company even before you decide to let them work on your project. In case you do not know, there are a lot of web development companies that would keep the rights to the codes and even to the website tools. You have the liberty to modify texts and images. This is okay, if you are planning to let them maintain your website. However, if you believe that you can already do the upgrade on your own, and you only need their help in the initial stages of website marketing, then you should have full control over your web pages, once the company is done with their job.

    What type of customer support do they extend to their clients?

    Here is a common mistake business owners make when it comes to their choice of web development company: they never research on the effectiveness of the company’s customer support. Whether you like it or not, there will be times when you need to reach out to the web developers. There could be changes that you want to be implemented right away. Moreover, you may want to give feedback on how they work or make certain inquiries on some of their services.

    It is thus important that the company can have as many customer support modes as possible. These can include e-mail, live chat, and phone. More than that, though, they should have knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff, who can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    How dependable is their infrastructure?

    You can never expect a web development company to do their job well, if they do not have the right technology or they have failed to maintain their programs and equipment. For example, if they cannot guarantee that your website will be running 99 percent of the time, then they are not worth the attention at all. If they do not spend money on upgrading their systems, then you cannot rely on the idea that they will also take care of your website.

    How comfortable are they to work with wide variety of projects?

    Some web development companies may be specializing in certain kinds of websites. If yours do not belong to their specialization, they may not deliver what you are looking for. Try looking for companies therefore that can basically work with almost any type of project—from the whimsical to the most professional-looking.

    Are they easy to talk to?

    The best web development companies are those that know how to listen to their clients. Not all business owners are right when it comes to website marketing, but they could have ideas that can still be helpful in improving online strategies.

    How Web Development Has Helped Businesses Succeed Online

    Years ago, putting up a website was more of a premium and not a necessity. But with developments in the way websites are managed and made along with the multitude of opportunities the Internet represents, having no online presence can be considered business suicide. There are many reasons why a website is needed, but chief would be the ability to reach out to millions of potential customers that are otherwise remotely possible through any other means except advertising on national television. Putting up a website may even allow businesses to create new services that would cater to their online customers.


    What Websites Were Before


    The limits that were present in the past have now been breached, allowing more websites to be put up. Hosting websites before could cost a small fortune, and hiring a web developer to create a site was not only expensive but there were also only a few web development companies in the first place. The capabilities of websites then were also few and far between. Websites were simply static, allowing simple updates and offering simple activities such as posting feedback and comments.


    The Evolution of Web Development


    Today the story has become different. The cost of investing on a dedicated host and web creation has been reduced significantly, thanks to increasing competition. This was caused by the Internet as well, since the users started to demand more content, which inevitably generated more web companies. The increase in the variety of scripting languages such as Ajax, Java, Flash, and PHP also allowed for websites to become more dynamic. Websites have become interactive, capable of storing information and allowing people to collaborate using tools that can be accessed through the browser.

    Websites have been further fueled by the emergence of software that allows even people with limited understanding of web development to create professional-looking sites. Such programs include Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Studio, and WedDev. One can even create websites online using Microsoft Office Live or the numerous blogging sites that take care of simple elements such as the look and overall layout. 


    Web Design Is Different


    There are two basic elements involved in the creation of a website. One is web design, and the other is web development. Though the two terms may appear strikingly similar and are often interchanged, they have entirely different goals. Web design is concerned as to how a website is perceived by a user. This refers to look and feel of the website, whether it would use darker colors or if animations would be important. For static websites such those for promotional purposes or simple company information, web design becomes very important.


    Web development, on the other hand, is concerned with how a design of a website actually functions in the background. Web developers are also responsible in providing applications that can be adjusted by the owner of the site or available to online users.


    As a business, it is best to work closely with web developers to make the most out of a website. This is to ensure that those who reach the website will not feel as if they are looking at an expensive flyer because users will have several options whenever they visit.


    What Web Development Can Do to Businesses


    Simple interactivity in websites may include the ability to fill out forms or enter contact details. Businesses can use the information in sending out promotional materials via e-mail. Advanced features may also include the ability to create an account to have access to additional functions such as discussion boards and possibly other social networking features. The website can even host an updated database that can be used to inform customers of the availability of stocks and new products. Some websites can even allow users to run entire tools directly on the browser, removing the need to install anything on their computers.


    Perhaps the most important to businesses when it comes to web development is the ability to perform transactions online. The online database becomes necessary, as well as the ability of the developer to incorporate a billing and accounting system. Websites that involve money must also be guaranteed safe and secure, or else users will be afraid to make a purchase. Then you can use the same tools to track the performance of your business and be able to create an accurate projection of the growth of your business.


    Truly, web development has evolved to offer business more than just an online presence, but a way to make profit as well.

    If You Want Good Work, Hire a Website Designer

    Do you know how much web designers cost these days? They could be costly. It does not come as a surprise anymore if you are unsure of hiring their services. However, before you back out or completely remove such idea in your mind, ask yourself this question: Can you be a website designer?

    Though you do need to spend money on their professional services, the benefits—and there are many—definitely make web designers worth every penny:

    1. You can buy time. Even if you are using content management systems (CMS), they are still going to eat a considerable portion of your time. After all, when you are done with creating your pages, you will then have to take care of the layout, navigation, and modifications of your designs. It becomes worse when you are doing website designing all by yourself and you have no clue on what you are doing.

    With a website designer, you can regain the time that you have lost. You can then spend it on other important aspects of your business, such as looking for more money for capital, as well as doing offline marketing campaigns.

    2. It proves that two heads, or even more, are always better than one. There is no other person who can criticize your web design skills better than a professional web designer. When you have an idea but you are having a hard time on how to make it into a reality, all you have to do is to approach a website designer, pitch in your concept, and allow him or her to suggest how it can make be made into a reality. Moreover, because web designers understand how websites work, they can offer suggestions on how you can be able to satisfy the needs of your business more effectively.

    3. You would not have to pay for technologies. You can never come up with a website unless you have the right tools with you. Unfortunately, some of them can be pretty expensive. What is worse, you may not really know how to pick the right kinds of applications to use for your web design. Thus, you end up wasting your money.

    A website designer, on the other hand, already has the tools with him or her. In fact, his or her knowledge on these programs is one of his or her strongest advantages against competitors. All you have to do therefore is to pay for his or her services.

    4. You actually have more flexibility on how much you pay for your website designer. If you are really worried on how much you are going to spend for your website designer, then this is definitely good news for you. For one, a web design firm will normally have decent packages that you can choose from, including affordable maintenance or upgrade on the website. Second, you can opt to hire one on a per-project or per-hour basis, whichever you can afford.

    5. The web designer has the technical expertise. This could be the biggest reason why you have to work with a website designer. You know, web designing is not only about making sure that your website looks a total eye candy to your visitor. It should be friendly to Internet users. This means that it must not take a long time before one can load your web pages. It should also be very easy for viewers to navigate within your site. Most of all, it must be very easy to optimize.

    A website designer takes times to improve his craft. This is how he or she can continuously be ahead or up to par with competitors.

    6. The web designer can make your website more interactive. Social media marketing is a very powerful tool. This is because you are allowing your Internet visitors to have their opinion about your business, which they definitely like. A website designer can add message boards, blogs, polls, feedback form, podcasts, and videos in your website without sacrificing its aesthetic form as well as deviating from the main objectives of having the website.

    Indeed, a website designer is someone you can depend on when you want to conquer the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, it is still essential to take some time in choosing one. There could be many fish in the sea, but not all can be worth catching.

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    You know the drill. If you had the misfortune of working with an incompetent Web development company before, you will know what we mean. Inefficient and usually mediocre output, very steep rates; inflexible packages, and incommunicable designers and programmers. It is like talking to a robot.

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